Well.  The holidays are over.  I don’t know about you, but this next couple of months is my least favorite time of year.  Its cold, windy and just plain nasty outside.  The once fluffy, white snow is now frozen and dirty looking.   The sparkly Christmas lights are packed up and put away and there are […]


Goodness gracious! It is hotter than a two dollar pistol out here! With highs in the nineties and some wicked humidity, everyone here at the farm is a wee bit cranky. I hate the heat, my hair hates the heat and, most importantly, the cows hate the heat! A perfect day for a cow? A […]


Lawd Almighty!  It has been a crazy week! It started last Friday with my sister’s wedding festivities.  Boy, was it a good time, but I had a three-day hangover! The same day as my sister’s wedding, we heard that my husband’s grandpa passed away.  Our hearts were filled with sorrow and joy.  Sorrow to have […]


Guys.  I made THE best grilled cheese sandwich the other day. Like so good. So good you might want to marry it. Here is the line up; Smoked Gouda, caramelized onions and apples, and, of course, bread and butter. It’s not exactly healthy, but I did put in a good morning of work that day. […]