Dairy Good Christmas Traditions


This past September, I became a mom…to TWINS!  The husband and I are officially the parents to one little farm boy and one little farm girl. While I am unsure of what “sleep” is, we have never been happier.


I have always been a fan of Christmas, but with two little ones in the house I am REALLY excited.  I am looking forward to celebrating old traditions and starting new ones as a family of four.  Obviously, I want as many as traditions as possible to be dairy related and I thought I would share my list with you!

“Dairy” Good Christmas Traditions:

  1. Leave Santa a platter of cheese

Everyone leaves Santa milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, but lets give the man what he really wants…cheese!  This is a tradition my parents started with my sisters and I years ago and we are certain Santa always left the best presents because of it.

2. Set up a Christmas Eve Hot Cocoa Bar

Bust out your Christmas mugs and the hot cocoa!  Complete the bar with all the fixings: mini marshmallows, cookies, whipped cream, mini donuts and candy canes for garnish.  Oh, and maybe a little Bailey’s for mom and dad.

3. Write a letter to Santa

A pretty generic holiday tradition, but perhaps you could ask him to raise the price of milk? “Sincerely, Every Dairy Farmer”.

4. Pose for a picture

How about an annual family Christmas photo in the barn??  You usually end up spending the holiday with the cows anyway.  Be sure to share the farm photo on social media. #HaveADairyGoodChristmas and #HappyMOOyear


5. Take a sleigh ride

Okay, chances are you don’t have a sleigh or horses that dash through the snow, but how about firing up the old 4440 and hook it up to a hay wagon?  Bundle up in your favorite pair of Carhartts and head out for an afternoon ride with family and friends.

Well, there you have it.  A short little list of Christmas traditions I hope to celebrate this year and for years to come!  How to you plan to celebrate this Christmas?  If you have other ideas or would like to share photos of you and the family trying out a few from my list, hit me up on social media!