Life with #ThemWegnerTwins


You haven’t HERD much from me lately, but I have two little rascals who keep me pretty busy.  In fact, I am basically a stay-at-home mom these days; just making special appearances at the farm.  It’s a temporary gig and I plan to return full-time to the farm eventually.


Currently, the twins and I take care of chores that aren’t time sensitive.  So when the twins allow it, we vaccinate and paste calves…that sort of thing. My life revolves around their nap and meal times. I need these two hooligans to be able to feed themselves so we can pack snacks and kick it at the farm together!


So, who is doing my farm work? What does an average day with the twins look like?  Do I sleep? How much whiskey does it take to parent twins?  All these questions and more are about to be answered!

Ever since the twins’ VERY early arrival in September, my mother-in-law and a fella named, Marco have taken over my farm responsibilities.  After the twins were born, I remember thinking, “I’ll be back to the farm full-time in like a month”.  Ha!  What a joke.  These kids are a full-time job!

We spent a lot of time in the NICU, which made it hard to get back to the farm.  The twins were born two months early, each weighing a whopping 3lbs 6 ounces.  Lane had minimal issues and was released from the NICU after a month.  Sage, however, had a bit of a harder time.  In fact, she had to be transferred to a NICU that was 3.5 hours away from us and undergo three surgeries.  She stayed in the NICU for five months.  Looking at her now, you would never know she had such a rough start.  She’s a chubby, happy and healthy baby!  Thank the lord.

Since February, we have been home as a family of four and I finally started to feel like a “twin mom”.  I gotta tell ya, one baby is easy; for the first five months I only had one baby.  But TWO babies…two babies are chaos!  Twice the diapers, twice the spit-up, but also twice the fun.


I definitely miss being at the farm, but hanging with these two all day ain’t a bad deal.

Here is our typical day:

6 AM: Babies wake up and I give them a bottle.  Usually one continues to sleep or screams while I feed the other.

After they have bottles and fresh, dry butts, they play on the floor.  Our living room looks like a toy store after a tornado went through it.

While they play, I chug as much coffee as humanly possible.

7 AM: I set them up in the highchairs and they have a breakfast of fruit, oatmeal and a tub of yogurt.  They eat the shit out of yogurt.  (They must be dairy farmers).

After breakfast, I load them up in the wagon and we water flowers and go for a stroll.  The twins LOVE to be outside and LOVE their wagon.  This usually wears them out pretty well.

9 AM: First nap of the day.  I brush my teeth and put on a little mascara.  I find I am more productive when I get dressed and make myself look presentable. Who can relate?

The usually nap for about an hour and half.  When they wake, I get them dressed and we head to the farm to see what dad is up to…in the wagon of course!


Seriously, if you are a new parent or have a couple kids, get yourself a wagon!! They have all their toys and snacks (my kids live on puffs) right in front of them and stay busy looking around at stuff.  I purchased the detachable umbrella on Amazon, it works pretty slick.

We putz around the farm for awhile and then head home for lunch.

NOON: After they make a mess of my floor, they play for awhile. Then they have a bottle and settle down for Nap #2

2-4 PM: Naptime and break time for mom.  One day, I hope to be ambitious enough to use this time to exercise.  For now, I just drink coffee, attempt to clean the house, prep dinner and watch Real Housewives.  #priorities

When they wake up they have another bottle and we usually head back outside.


5:30 PM: Dinner time for the babies.   Time to clean the floor again!

6:30 PM: Jammies, bottles and BEDTIME.  FREEDOM, FREEDOM AT LAST!



The twins still get up once per night to eat and are becoming better sleepers.  Sage has always been a great sleeper; she can just about make it through the night.  But, Lane, the big ole momma’s boy, is a bit of a troubled sleeper.  He has good nights and bad nights…hopefully it will resolve soon!

So, that’s my life these days.  I don’t get out much and I jump on any opportunity to have an adult conversation…that poor UPS man.

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