Cows and Calves



Guys, guys, GUYS!  Have you missed me? I haven’t blogged in like a freaking year, but twins. Okay?  I have been sharing quite a bit on Instagram, but keeping the blog alive hasn’t been much of a priority lately.  That’s about to change! I made a vision board last week (yes, I am one of […]


I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I do not treat my animals like I treat my children.  Do I treat my cattle with respect and provide them with proper care? Absolutely.  But my love for my children and my love for my cattle is not the same.  The differing factor here, friends, […]


You may have seen them: graphics floating around on social media claiming that there is pus in milk. Gross! But, wait a minute. Is there actually pus in milk or is that just a myth? The U.S. Farmer’s and Rancher’s Alliance gave me the opportunity to share the truth on this topic and I hope you […]


One of the most controversial topics I deal with as a dairy farmer and blogger is how and why farmers separate calf from cow shortly after birth.  I get it; as humans, mothers, fathers, etc., we could never imagine being separated from our newborn.  But, here’s the deal, cows aren’t humans. They are unpredictable animals […]


Goodness gracious! It is hotter than a two dollar pistol out here! With highs in the nineties and some wicked humidity, everyone here at the farm is a wee bit cranky. I hate the heat, my hair hates the heat and, most importantly, the cows hate the heat! A perfect day for a cow? A […]


This spring, my Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with videos and photos of dairy farmers letting their cattle out to pasture for the first time this season. They are fun and beautiful videos to watch; the cows frolicking onto green grass with blue skies in the background. They are happy cows, no doubt. Now here […]


Look, not every day on the farm is calf kisses and cow scratches. Though I tend to post a lot of cute photos of me and the family hanging at the farm, there are days that aren’t so pretty. Employees can screw up, your husband might tick you off, the cows might test your patience. […]


I have some exciting news to share with you all today!  We recently invested in some new technology at the farm and it has made farm life a breeze. I have collaborated with Calf-Star and Mlsna Dairy Supply on this post to share how we use the Milk Taxi to feed our calves. I’m not going […]


Guys.  I made THE best grilled cheese sandwich the other day. Like so good. So good you might want to marry it. Here is the line up; Smoked Gouda, caramelized onions and apples, and, of course, bread and butter. It’s not exactly healthy, but I did put in a good morning of work that day. […]