What does a farm chick have to blog about?

What does a farm chick have to blog about, anyway?  Well folks, I’m a modern-day farm chick.  It ain’t 1940 and most people aren’t getting their milk from their own cows or even their neighbor’s cows.  These days, consumers are buying their dairy products from the grocery store and are wondering where in the heck the product originated from.  Not everyone lives in rural America and has the opportunity to meet a local farmer or visit a dairy farm.

I’m here to help bridge the gap with my blog.  No, I’m likely not the farmer that produced the gallon of milk currently sitting in your fridge (There are approximately 11,000 dairy farms in WI alone!).  Hopefully, I can be a good representation of modern dairy farmers and help you understand where your dairy products come from.

I’m new to the blog world, but will try my best to post often and well.  I hope you enjoy the postings of my modern day farm life!