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There comes a time for every dairy farmer to say “Goodbye” to a cow. Sometimes it is hard to do, sometimes it is easy. Sometimes the cows are old, sometimes the cows are young. We love our cows, treat them with respect and care for them the best we can, but there comes a time […]

          I haven’t stopped blogging! Sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated on my modern-day farm life, but things have been pretty busy around here. The week started out chilly with stubborn machinery and cold fingers. Yesterday we had six cows that had babies and the day before that we had […]


Meet 1061, one of my favorite cows on the farm and currently Employee of the Month. Employee of the Month? How does a cow get such a title?  Once a month,  the milk tester visits our farm and tests the milk.  Milk weights are taken and components such as fat and protein are measured.  The bacteria count […]

I wanted to share this blog post from Housewives of Rural America with you! I have stated before that milking parlors come in various shapes and sizes. While the parlor on our farm milks 16 cows three times per day with one person, there are many other ways to milk a cow. In this video, […]


From all of us at the farm! Have a wonderful day.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would get all sappy and tell you why I love working with my husband every day. I already know what my sister and sister-in-law are thinking, “Gag me with a fork”. Well too bad ladies, I love it and I’m going to tell you all about it! […]


And yet ANOTHER chilly morning on the farm!  I am not very happy with that darn groundhog.  Spring cannot come fast enough.  We have had to deal with frozen waterers, stubborn machinery, chilly toes, foggy barns and icicles for far too long now.   Here is a collection of farm photos I have taken this winter.


Feeling pretty awesome; I was lucky enough to be nominated TWICE for this award. A big thank you to Colby D. Miller and Katie Bernabei for the nomination!  Colby is a fellow blogger and agvocate. He has some great posts about agriculture and his farm experience. You can check his blog out by clicking here,  My Ag Life . Katie, […]