Real Housewives of Small Town USA

Are you a Bravo TV fan?  Did you catch the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  Are you addicted to their drama and stunned by their lavish lifestyle?  I know I am!  I can’t get enough of those crazy ladies.

While those rich broads are pretty entertaining, that’s not what we are going to talk about today.  Today, I want to tell you about a local group of women that I am part of!

We call ourselves the Real Housewives of Trempealeau County, but there is less drama and cheaper wine.  Franzia anyone?

It all started about a year ago when I was chatting with a college friend.  She had recently joined a group of ladies who met about once per month to wine and dine.  The girls would take turns hosting and at every gathering each girl would bring an appetizer to share, a bottle of wine and ten or more dollars to donate locally.

As they ate and sipped on wine (or guzzled, whatever works) they would talk about what was going on in the community and decide how they wanted to donate the pool of money.

The more and more my friend shared with me, the more and more I thought, “I need to get in on this.”.

So, I brought the idea back home to a few of my friends.  The girls thought the idea was a winner so we set up a private group on Facebook and began inviting friends.

Our group consists of about twenty ladies of various ages. Our get-togethers take place once a month on Thursday nights.  We pop open the first bottle of wine at 6:30 and usually don’t leave until the wine is gone or the host kicks us out.

Not everyone makes every gathering, but it has been really fun.  In addition to the wine, food and donations, we also do a swap each time.  We have exchanged nail polish, candles, recipes, lotions; the list goes on and on!

It has been a great way to get together with old friends and make new friends.  Oh, and the food we get to eat is AMAZING.  The girls “bring it” when it comes appetizers.

While we may drink a somewhat abnormally large amount of wine for a Thursday night, I don’t feel quite so guilty Friday morning.

Our good time has influenced many great conversations and helped folks within the community.

The Real Housewives meet again in March and are swapping bouquets of flowers in honor of spring!

I need to up my appetizer game; who has unique recipe ideas??