A Hectic Week on the Farm

I haven’t stopped blogging! Sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated on my modern-day farm life, but things have been pretty busy around here. The week started out chilly with stubborn machinery and cold fingers. Yesterday we had six cows that had babies and the day before that we had four. In addition to my regular chores, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off taking care of these new mothers and their babies. The cows must have been waiting for some warmer weather before giving birth; the temperature finally reached 25 degrees on Tuesday.

What made farm life even crazier, was this morning when Ricardo, one of our employees, had to leave early for a family emergency. Being busy with one less set of hands was a test for everyone on the farm, but we pulled together as a team and made it through the morning! We are hoping to hear good news from Ricardo soon. In the mean time, we will keep going here at the farm. Today is hoof trimming day and we are staying busy caring for cow hooves. Hoof trimming….possibly a new post coming soon!