Tammy Tells All


I have been keeping a secret from you guys. It’s a big one. Are you ready for it? We are building a new free-stall barn and manure pit! This new naturally ventilated barn will replace our older, greenhouse style barns and allow us to milk 100 more cows. We are super duper excited and I could go on and on with the details, but I think I have someone else who is more suited to give you an update. After all, her pen is right next to the building project and she has had a front row seat to the action all summer long.

So, without further ado…Tammy.


Tammy: What up.

MDFC: Hey Tammy, how’s it hanging?

Tammy: Low. I’m getting older. Udder is starting to sag a little.

MDFC: Well, I think you look great, but I meant how are you? You have had a front row seat to this building action for the past several months, I’m hoping you can give us an update.

Tammy: Oh. Gotcha, I’m good! It is starting to cool off and I love these cold nights and mornings. Perfect cow weather! You want a barn update, eh? Well, here is what I know. They finalized the building plans this past winter and began moving dirt in May.

Nobody told me when they were going to start, so I was a little surprised when these big trucks pulled in and started tearing shit up. Ahem, Modern-day Farm Chick…….

MDFC: Sorry Tammy, I guess I should have given you a heads up. You and the other girls in pen three weren’t startled, were you?

Tammy: Eh, a little at first. But we got use to the noise and commotion. Actually, it has been pretty entertaining. The construction crew has been quite busy and fun to watch. On the really hot days the guys work without their shirts on and I don’t mind that, I don’t mind that at all. I don’t think Betty minds either, because whenever it is really hot she goes up there and brings the guys ice cream.

MDFC: Haha! Oh really?!

Tammy: Yup. Anywho, they guys started by pouring the concrete. That was probably the longest part. But, after all the concrete work was done, things moved quite quickly. It didn’t take long and they had the rafters up and tin on the roof!



MDFC: Yes, I would say the fellas are chuggin’ right along. We are hoping to have you and the other cows in the new barn by October. Are you excited?

Tammy: Hells ya. The greenhouse barns were fine and served their purpose for many years, but they were beginning to have some wear and tear. Having a new barn that will provide better comfort and space is going to be awesome! I think I heard Tom say that there will be 290 sand bedded stalls and an automated fan and sprinkler system.

MDFC: That is correct! There will also be a special maternity area on the end of the barn. This bedded pack will be a great improvement for all you expectant mommas!

Tammy: Oh for sure! I’m not due until February, so I’m a little jealous that I don’t get to be one of the first cows to break in the new calving area. Well, I guess that is about all I know about this new barn. I just can’t wait to get in there!

MDFC: I know, right?! Me too. It sure is exciting. Well thanks for giving us the scoop. Talk to you later, Tammy.

Tammy: Ten Four.