What do Dairy Farmers do with all that Poop?


We all know that cows poop…a lot. Luckily, cow manure is not waste to farmers. In fact, it is very valuable. We capture the manure our cows produce, store it in a giant pit and, when the weather permits, reuse it as a natural fertilizer. It is a great soil nutrient and helps us to reduce our need for commercial fertilizers.


Timing and proper manure management is important when it comes to fertilizing fields. We listen to the weatherman and avoid spreading manure when there is a possibility of rain. Spreading on soggy fields or right before a rainstorm could result in manure runoff.

Nobody wants poop in their water.

We also work with a professional who helps us evaluate our fields and determine how much manure to apply. I guess you could say we have a “poop professional”. The perfect amount of manure helps us grow the crops we use to feed our cattle.


Many livestock and grain operations are required to maintain a Nutrient Management Plan for their state environmental agency. Which is exactly why we work with a “poop professional”.

We work with the folks from Nutrient Advisors. We recently started doing business with them because we know and they know that having a Nutrient Management Plan is extremely important when you are in the business of farming. As dairy farmers, we are busy enough caring for our cattle; working with a consultant who is knowledgeable and can create a plan that is in compliance with environmental agencies AND brings value to our operation is money well spent. It brings us peace of mind and saves us A LOT of time.

While manure and nutrient management is the heart of this company, Nutrient Advisors offer many other services. They can help you with compliance/record keeping, facility design/permitting and nutrient management practices for industrial and municipal areas.

Our Nutrient Advisor, Kyle, will make regular farm visits throughout the year to help us formulate a plan that will tell us what manure product and how much to apply to each field. All we have to do is load up the manure and spread it!

Want to get in touch with the folks at Nutrient Advisors? Easy! Just give Mr. Dan Guenther a call. He’s a super nice guy; he even poses for blog post photos. (Of course, Cash had to get in the pic).

Dan Guenther
Nutrient Advisors 319-290-7823