You’ve Been MOO-ed


Well.  The holidays are over.  I don’t know about you, but this next couple of months is my least favorite time of year.  Its cold, windy and just plain nasty outside.  The once fluffy, white snow is now frozen and dirty looking.   The sparkly Christmas lights are packed up and put away and there are no big holidays to celebrate.  Even the cows have had enough of this crap. Blah.  Spring, where are you?

I wanted to keep the holiday spirit alive this winter, so my husband and I came up with a little idea. Around Halloween time I remember seeing something called, “You’ve Been BOOed”.  You would drop Halloween treats off at your neighbors with a sign that said, “You’ve Been BOOed” and instructions to keep the fun going by picking another neighbor to “Boo”.

After explaining this process to my husband, he exclaimed, “I’ve got it! You’ve Been Moo-ed!  We will deliver dairy treats.”.  I must admit, I was pretty freakin’ impressed (and jealous) that my husband came up with this idea.  I mean, what better way to spread some cheer than with some cheese!


So, I put together a basket of dairy treats.  The possibilities are pretty much endless, but here is what our basket included:

Fun Fact about Swiss Miss products, the milk from the farm I grew up on -and the farm my grandpa, dad and sister currently operate- goes into Swiss Miss hot cocoa and pudding!


The instructions to include in the basket read:

Please Keep It Going By:

  • Enjoying these fine dairy treats!
  • Placing your name on the “We’ve Been Moo-ed” sheet and passing it along.
  • Within 5 days, make a copy of these instructions and deliver some “dairy” good treats to a neighbor

I hope you will all keep the holiday spirit going this winter by “Moo-ing” at a few of your neighbors.  The milk price sucks right now, so the more dairy products you can fit in the basket, the better. 😉