I Do Not Treat My Cows Like my Kids


I’m just going to go ahead and say it,

I do not treat my animals like I treat my children.  Do I treat my cattle with respect and provide them with proper care? Absolutely.  But my love for my children and my love for my cattle is not the same.  The differing factor here, friends, is that my children are humans and my cows are animals.

Sure, there are a lot of similarities when it comes to how I care for my animals and my kids, but there are some differences as well.  First, lets take a look at the similarities:

Do I make sure my kids and cattle are not only fed, but fed well? YES.

Do I make sure my kids and cattle see a doctor/veterinarian for routine visits? YES.

Do I make sure my kids and cattle have a warm and dry place to rest? YES.

Do I make sure my kids and cattle live in a clean environment? YES.

Do I make sure my kids and cattle have access to clean drinking water? YES.

When my kids or cows get sick, do they see a doctor/vet and receive antibiotics. YES.

Do the needs of my children and cows come before my own?  YES.


As a farmer, I know that if I want to succeed, I need to properly care for my animals and land.  I grew up in a dairy farming family and I love cows!  I think they are pretty cool (and sometimes funny) creatures.

I even have some favorites…every farmer does.

But, at the end of the day, my cows are animals and the way they are cared for is different when compared to my children:

When my cow is sick, does she crawl in bed with me for the night? NO.

When a cow is head-butted by another cow, do I pick her up and kiss her head? NO. (okay, well maybe sometimes.)

Have I started a savings account or college fund for each of my cows? NO.

If my cow doesn’t feel like having silage for lunch, will I fix her a Caesar salad instead?  NO.

Do my cows get to watch cartoons before settling down for a nap? NO.

You get the idea here, friends.  Animals and humans are not the same.  Animals are meant to be outside or in a barn doing animal things.  I am very grateful for animals and the nutrition and products they are able to provide us with.  That is why we treat our cattle with respect and do everything we can to ensure they have a good life while they are with us.