Nuts fry recipe

Nuts fry

Nuts fry, how too properly, tasty, and quickly? Useful advice and Step by step recipe for roasted nuts in a pan.

Roasted nuts are a great snack either on their own or as a complement to other dishes. It is especially good for peanut butter. Although nuts belong to the legume family, their composition is the same as that of nuts: protein and unsaturated fatty acids. After all, most nuts are high in fat and oils. Of course, you can buy ready-made fried nuts in the store. However, packaged nuts do not have the unique aroma and taste of hot nuts, for which we love them so much. After learning how to fry nuts at home, you will always delight your family with a portion of nuts in the heat, with the heat. In addition, when you cook nuts with your own hands, you can set the degree of frying, salt content, sugar, or spices.

There are several ways to fry nuts: in the microwave, oven, and in a pan. In this review, we will consider the latter option. But for roasted nuts to be tasty and healthy, you need to pay attention to a few subtle things. When buying a commodity, pay attention to it. The nuts should have a whole, pale pink color. Second, dry and does not have rot or a strong odor. It must be free of insects. And if the nuts make a loud noise when they are shaken, it means that they are starting to dry out and get worse. You will learn the rest of the recommendations in a step-by-step recipe with a picture.

  • Caloric content per 100 g – 622 kcal.
  • Dosage – any amount
  • Cooking time – 10-15 minutes
Nuts fry
Nuts fry


Nuts – any amount

Step by step cook fried nuts in a pan, the recipe

  • Dip the nuts in a sieve and rinse under running water. It is not necessary to do this, but it is desirable because you never know how and who peeled it from the shell. Then dry it well with a paper napkin and place in a pan, preferably in a pancake machine. it is wide and flat.
  • Place the nuts on the stove over medium heat. Fry the nuts, stirring occasionally. Do not use vegetable oil. It will be better if the nuts in the pan are arranged in one layer. So they are equipped with uniform frying. Take a sample every two minutes, as the frying stage may vary. The average cooking time is 10 minutes. But I recommend focusing on reddish shadows and crackling skins. This will usually start happening in 4-6 minutes. Pan-fried nuts are golden brown. Then place it on a paper-lined tabletop and let it cool. Then peel the skin by turning the nut in your hands. The skin loosens easily after frying.

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