Papaya leaves: useful properties, harm, preparation of a drink

Papaya leaves, useful properties, harm, preparation of a drink

Composition and calorie content of papaya leaves. Who benefits from drinking a drink, contraindications, and brewing rules?

Papaya leaf is a beverage made by pouring fresh or dried leaves of the melon tree. At present, it is gaining popularity as a very useful infusion with many beneficial properties – from increasing immunity to the treatment of oncology. The latter fact is related to a special enzyme called papain, which is in the plant and has recently been actively studied for interaction with cancer cells. In support of the theory of the incredible benefits of exotic tea, it is also seen in the fact that the inhabitants of areas where the culture grows naturally often use it in recipes for traditional medicine. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of the drink and find out how to prepare and drink it properly.

Composition and calorie content of papaya leaves

The fruit itself is rich in many vitamins and minerals and if you want you can study their exact quantitative properties, but less is known about the leaves of the tropical tree, which scientists are still looking at.

By far the most valuable part of the composition, however, is the special enzyme papain, which is essentially similar to our own gastric protease enzyme, which is responsible for the digestion of protein products.

In addition, papaya leaves also contain, albeit, in smaller amounts, the enzymes amylase (carbohydrate digestion) and lipase (fat digestion), there are also special chemopapins A and B, glutamine transferase.

In addition to enzymes, the plant is rich in acids that are essential for our body, especially apples, as well as fatty oils, pulps, useful alkaloids, and glycosides.

The caloric content of papaya leaf tea is zero if you drink it without sugar and other sweeteners, so those who are on a diet and thinking about putting infusions in their diet should not worry and drink healthy broth safely.

Health benefits of papaya leaves

Nowadays, when one or another product starts to have magical properties, one has to instinctively wonder if the properties are really that magical or if it is a qualified marketing campaign. It is difficult to draw an unequivocal conclusion, but when it comes to tropical melon trees, there are still more arguments on the side of real benefits.

Here are the main health effects of papaya leaves:

Ø  Cancer prevention and treatment … Recently in the United States, researchers at the University of Florida and a group of Japanese colleagues conducted a number of experiments with papin in the plant. Therefore, it was found to have an active effect on cancer cells, slowing their growth and reproduction but not having a negative effect on healthy cells in the body. The rule works, which is remarkable for chemotherapy organs.

Ø  Anesthetic effects… In addition, special plant proteins have been found in the composition of papaya leaves that have a strong analgesic effect, which is important in the treatment of many diseases.

Ø  Heat treatment … In the home country of the plant, tea is always used to treat the heat, especially the famous tropical Dengue heat. It lowers fever well and relieves symptoms in general, making it a great substitute for antipyretics with numerous side effects.

Ø  Improves stomach function … The extract helps in the better digestion of food as it acts as a source of additional digestive enzymes. Thus, a drink can already replace two groups of pharmacological drugs – antipyretic and enzymatic. It is great to drink a cup of tea not as it should at the end, but at the beginning of the festival so that it is easier for the body to digest more than the usual amount of food.

Ø  Has a positive effect on intestinal motility … According to Ayurveda, medicinal tea also helps other parts of the digestive tract. In particular, it promotes the normal production of bile, protects against the formation of gallbladder stones, increases peristalsis and helps to remove toxins faster, normalizes the microflora in general, and has a parasitic effect as it contains glycoside carp. This substance has already been repeatedly studied and its activity against germs has been proven.

Ø  Adjusting hormone levels … The drink contains phytoestrogen, which has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, especially for women, and this, in turn, reduces the intensity of menstrual syndrome and improves the regularity of the cycle.

Papaya leaves
Papaya leaves

Ø  Improving Cardiovascular Function … The symbol already mentioned has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart; it normalizes the heart rate and helps to relieve hypertension.

Beneficial effects on the skin ur Again, papain, which we have already talked about, has an important therapeutic effect on the skin, it is often included in cosmetics at this cost. Papain is especially effective against inflammation of the skin; it also helps to remove signs of aging – wrinkles, age spots.


It should be noted that the healing drink as a whole has a positive effect on the body and boosts the immune system, so it is wise to include it in the diet.

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