Body composition: Protein by weight in body composition

Protein by weight in body composition

Body composition; what type of protein is used? Find out if it’s worth using bulk protein mix equivalents and how these cost savings can be beneficial. Most newbies to fitness try to find stores where you can buy bulk protein for bodybuilding. At the same time, they fully understand that such protein is packaged at home, and there is a high risk of purchasing a low-quality product. Milk powder or starch can be used as filler.

If you analyze the cost of protein by weight and compare it to brands, the benefits are apparent, as the difference in price can be as much as 400 percent. It is easy to find sellers of such supplements, especially for open specialized forums where such announcements are ubiquitous.

At the same time, experienced athletes will never purchase protein by weight in bodybuilding. Instead, they continue to use only certified products. Let’s figure out what this can be related to.

Does loose protein have benefits?

Bulk protein sellers are testing their products in every possible way, which is understandable.

Here are the benefits they believe protein-by-weight has for bodybuilding:

  • Several times cheaper than branded sports food.
  • Does not contain dyes or fragrances.
  • Has the best digestibility.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It dissolves well in liquids.

Agree; all this sounds very attractive, but is there any reason for such claims? Let’s start with the cost. Packaging will never cost many times more than the content. Furthermore, today there are many players in the sports food market, and a fierce war for customers occurred between the companies.

Everyone understands that the first thing that can attract a consumer is a lower price for their product. And can achieve by reducing the cost of the same packaging. Therefore, we can safely say that the first option cannot be. All other claims are unfounded, as they cannot provide you with proof of their authenticity. All companies produce proteins using very similar technology, and their quality is insignificant. It is ridiculous to talk about the side effects of protein supplements. They are standard protein mixes found in milk or soy (depending on the type of protein).

 Protein by weight in body composition
Protein by weight in body composition

What is protein by weight in body composition?

We found that weight loss protein has simply no advantage over brand-name protein. What is this bulk protein, then? It turns out that this is the original product that comes from the production of protein supplements.

It should say right away that in this state, it has not yet been cleaned and therefore contains a large amount of dirt. They are harmless to the body, but they will not bring benefits to the builder for sure. However, their content can reach up to half of the total mass of proteins. Therefore, using it, you will get, at best, only 50 percent of the protein compounds.

Additionally, you should be aware that their digestibility is relatively low until the protein compounds are purified. Finally, do not forget about such a substance as lactose. It is the most difficult, and when it comes to protein by weight in a body structure, the lactose content in it is pretty high.

Of course, if you buy protein by weight, you will pay several times less for it, but it will also bring little benefit. Based on the number of foreign impurities, we can say that the efficiency of weighed protein compared with the brand is ten times less.

So, using one kilogram of protein purchased by weight, the results of its use will equal 100 grams of certified dietary supplements. It is not difficult to calculate that to get the same effect; you will have to take so much free protein that its cost will already exceed the brand several times.

It should understand that protein will never cost the same as milk powder. If your finances are so limited that you can’t even buy cheap certified food supplements, opt for milk powder, which is sold in supermarkets. Of course, this product cannot match the effectiveness of protein supplements from sports food stores, but you will be sure it will not damage your health. However, we can confidently tell you that it is better to buy less often and use fewer brands than constantly taking protein for bodybuilding weight.

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